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The story of Draco

Kåre Drangsholt is the founder of Dracoboats. The adventure began in the late sixties in Flekkefjord, Southern Norway.  Kåre was known for his ambition, drive and passion for boats.

Kåre Drangsholt

Kåre was an enthusiastic sailor in his youth, but later developed an interest for motorboats. He saw possibilities, and with his equally ambitious wife Vibeke, he followed his vision. In fierce competition with other manufacturers, they developed Draco Boats to become Europe's largest motorboat manufacturer of the seventies. With designer Jan Herman Linge onboard, the Sportling was launched and became the first commercial success. The Sportling made it possible to grow fast and develop new models for new markets.

Kåre Drangsholt built his brand with a specific design. The Sportling marked the beginning of this design line that followed Draco all the way to the late eighties. Kåre lived for his brand. His adventurous spirit and creativity still inspire, long after his tragic death in 1983. Kåre was found drowned by one of his favorite Draco boats, in Kristiansand, only 42 years old.

The new Draco range is made for a new generation. The design is entirely new, the spirit is the same.

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